Creative jolt


About four years ago I hit a road block. The idea of shooting another frame of video had as much appeal as creating an Excel spreadsheet. A utilitarian experience at best. I also felt that my editing work was getting stale. For months I had been reaching into the same shallow bag of tricks—fast cuts, film effects, adding grain, aggressive colour corrects. It all felt very predictable and therefore uninspired. I wasn't growing creatively.

For a creative person I sometimes lack creative solutions to my own problems. Fortunately there are outside forces. Thus, around this time, Apple compelled me to make a decision when they completely overhauled Final Cut Pro. Of course I tried their new app, but just did not like it. So I switched to Adobe's Premiere Pro because it closely approximated FCP 7's functionality which meant that I could hit the ground running, as opposed to taking time to (re)learn another NLE. But the thing that has kept me with Adobe is the access to the entire creative suite; primarily After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

It was this forced migration that got me out of my funk and into a world of endless creative possibilities. Lately my interests are combining bits of motion graphics to my video work. Such as the tracking I used for the text in this project

In this vein, I find David Holm's work very inspiring. His style is polished, elegant and always in service of story. And though there is plenty of flare to what he does, there is nothing showy.

And I wish I could give credit to the creative behind the video series Inside Chanel. But I've yet to learn who they are. I always find plenty of inspiration with each new instalment.

Alright, time to go walk Cookie.