This project came to me through an agency with whom I had previously worked, Earnscliffe Strategy Group. The Basilians are a tiny congregation within the Catholic Church and they need their ranks to grow. Earnscliffe  was tasked to help and I was brought on to do the video elements.

It also had a personal connection.

Father Reddy, the diocesan priest in the small town where I grew up, had a big influence on me in my early teens. I was attracted to the life of the mind. He was a contemplative man and I wanted to emulate his chosen vocation, so I thought about becoming a priest. It was a brief thought, between um & naw. Father Reddy eventually got reassigned to another church and that was the last I heard from or about him.

Until years later...

When I started this project, the initial conversation drifted toward names of the Basilian fathers living in Toronto. You guessed it - Father Reddy. He made the switcheroo from diocesan to Basilian, my guess, sometime in the 80s or 90s.

Additionally I soon learned the Basilians have their roots in Annonay, France. I was soon headed to le sud de la France to celebrate my birthday with friends. All to say, I was destined to do this project.